Littering and Plastic Waste

What to do with our waste?

Whether we mean to litter or not, the rubbish we throw away can pollute where we live and could end up in the sea, and from there who knows?

This is why we need your help to understand and look closely at ways to tackle littering and plastic waste.


Have you ever felt angry about the situation regarding plastic in our oceans? Ever felt powerless and deprived of a say on this issue? It is a common experience among the young people of Wales, and we feel that this situation must change.

Today, 5th November, the Welsh Youth Parliament’s Littering and Plastic Waste Committee is launching its report, 'Reduce Reuse Recycle'. There is also an easy read version of the report.

The report seeks to reflect the views and practices of young people in Wales in respect of litter and plastic waste. What do young people feel about this issue? Why do they feel this way, and what practical challenges do they face?

In drawing up the report, and in establishing the full picture, the Committee quizzed children and young people, teachers and experts in the field regarding their views on the situation in Wales.


Children and young people between the ages of 9 - 25 were interviewed, and all of their responses were collected during the lockdown period. As a result of COVID-19, we were forced to postpone the plastic-free events in March, as well as the launch of the consultation. Despite this, we were able to gather responses from 600 young people.

During the Welsh Youth Parliament week in July, young people from across Wales were invited to take part in online workshops on ‘Reduce Reuse Recycle', and were also invited to participate in a debate ‘Climate Change: Whose Responsibility?'. Five members of the Committee conducted a further discussion on the matter during the online AmGen Eisteddfod (an alternative to the usual National Eisteddfod), which was broadcast on August 8, 2020. Under the leadership of weather presenter Steffan Griffiths, they heard about the dangers and global changes that are already manifesting as a result of Climate Change. Their views and aspirations for a greener future were also discussed.

The Littering and Plastic Waste Committee is passionate about ensuring that young people are given a greater say on this issue, that there is more provision to support the reduction, reuse and recycling of litter and plastic waste, and that this situation is changed as a matter of urgency.

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