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Previous Members of the Welsh Youth Parliament

Find out more about the previous Members of the Welsh Youth Parliament.

Second Welsh Youth Parliament

The following Members of the Second Welsh Youth Parliament completed their term in office early.


  • Kelsey Hannah Brookes

    Kelsey Hannah Brookes
    Partner elected Member

    01/12/2021 - 07/03/2023

  • Milly Floyd Evans

    Milly Floyd Evans
    Partner elected Member

    01/12/2021 - 07/03/2023

  • Member

    Partner elected Member

    01/12/2021 - 30/03/2023

Previous members of the Welsh Youth Parliament

Find out more about the Members of the first Welsh Youth Parliament

North Wales

  • Evan Burgess

    Evan Burgess

  • Nia Griffiths

    Nia Griffiths

  • Bregain Glyn Williams

    Bregain Glyn Williams

  • Talulah Thomas

    Talulah Thomas

  • Harrison James Gardner

    Harrison James Gardner

  • Thomas Comber

    Thomas Comber

  • Ifan Price

    Ifan Price

  • Abbey Carter

    Abbey Carter

  • Jonathon Dawes

    Jonathon Dawes

  • Jonathan Powell

    Jonathan Powell

  • Ifan Wyn Erfyl Jones

    Ifan Wyn Erfyl Jones

  • Hasana Ali

    Hasana Ali

  • Katie June Whitlow

    Katie June Whitlow

  • Grace Louise Barton

    Grace Louise Barton

  • Elin Morris

Mid and West Wales

  • Arianwen Fox-James

    Arianwen Fox-James

  • Marged Lois Campbell

    Marged Lois Campbell

  • Cai Thomas Phillips

    Cai Thomas Phillips

  • Caleb Rees

    Caleb Rees

  • Emily Kaye

    Emily Kaye

  • Rhys Lewis

    Rhys Lewis

  • Ellie Murphy

    Ellie Murphy

  • Nicola Leach

South West Wales

  • Kian Agar

    Kian Agar

  • Todd Murray

    Todd Murray

  • Eleri Griffiths

    Eleri Griffiths

  • Ffion-Hâf Davies

    Ffion-Hâf Davies

  • Eleanor Lewis

    Eleanor Lewis

  • Laine Woolcock

    Laine Woolcock

  • Efan Rhys Fairclough

    Efan Rhys Fairclough

  • Alys Hall

    Alys Hall

  • Ruth Sibayan

    Ruth Sibayan

  • Ubayedhur Rahman

    Ubayedhur Rahman

  • Lleucu Haf Wiliam

    Lleucu Haf Wiliam

  • Caitlin Stocks

    Caitlin Stocks

  • William Hackett

    William Hackett

  • Sophie Billinghurst

    Sophie Billinghurst

  • Oliver Edward Davies

    Oliver Edward Davies

  • Anwen Grace Rodaway

    Anwen Grace Rodaway

  • Nia-Rose Evans

    Nia-Rose Evans

  • Casey-Jane Bishop

    Casey-Jane Bishop

  • Sandy Ibrahim

    Sandy Ibrahim

South East Wales

  • Calen Jones

    Calen Jones

  • Aled Joseph

    Aled Joseph

  • Gwion Rhisiart

    Gwion Rhisiart

  • Betsan Roberts

    Betsan Roberts

  • Rhian Shillabeer

    Rhian Shillabeer

  • Manon Clarke

    Manon Clarke

  • Ffion Griffith

    Ffion Griffith

  • Tommy Church

    Tommy Church

  • Lloyd Mann

    Lloyd Mann

  • Charley Oliver-Holland

    Charley Oliver-Holland

  • Finlay Bertram

    Finlay Bertram

  • Maisy Evans

    Maisy Evans

  • Angel Ezeadum

    Angel Ezeadum

  • Chloe Giles

    Chloe Giles

  • Abby O

    Abby O'Sullivan

  • Levi Rees

    Levi Rees

  • Abbie Cooper

    Abbie Cooper

  • Greta Evans

    Greta Evans

  • Luke Parker

    Luke Parker

  • Carys Thomas

    Carys Thomas