Member Archive

Previous members of the Welsh Youth Parliament

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North Wales

  • Evan Burgess

    Evan Burgess

  • Nia Griffiths

    Nia Griffiths

  • Bregain Glyn Williams

    Bregain Glyn Williams

  • Talulah Thomas

    Talulah Thomas

  • Harrison James Gardner

    Harrison James Gardner

  • Thomas Comber

    Thomas Comber

  • Ifan Price

    Ifan Price

  • Abbey Carter

    Abbey Carter

  • Jonathon Dawes

    Jonathon Dawes

  • Jonathan Powell

    Jonathan Powell

  • Ifan Wyn Erfyl Jones

    Ifan Wyn Erfyl Jones

  • Hasana Ali

    Hasana Ali

  • Katie June Whitlow

    Katie June Whitlow

  • Grace Louise Barton

    Grace Louise Barton

  • Elin Morris

Mid and West Wales

  • Arianwen Fox-James

    Arianwen Fox-James

  • Marged Lois Campbell

    Marged Lois Campbell

  • Cai Thomas Phillips

    Cai Thomas Phillips

  • Caleb Rees

    Caleb Rees

  • Emily Kaye

    Emily Kaye

  • Rhys Lewis

    Rhys Lewis

  • Ellie Murphy

    Ellie Murphy

  • Nicola Leach

South West Wales

  • Kian Agar

    Kian Agar

  • Todd Murray

    Todd Murray

  • Eleri Griffiths

    Eleri Griffiths

  • Ffion-Hâf Davies

    Ffion-Hâf Davies

  • Eleanor Lewis

    Eleanor Lewis

  • Laine Woolcock

    Laine Woolcock

  • Efan Rhys Fairclough

    Efan Rhys Fairclough

  • Alys Hall

    Alys Hall

  • Ruth Sibayan

    Ruth Sibayan

  • Ubayedhur Rahman

    Ubayedhur Rahman

  • Lleucu Haf Wiliam

    Lleucu Haf Wiliam

  • Caitlin Stocks

    Caitlin Stocks

  • William Hackett

    William Hackett

  • Sophie Billinghurst

    Sophie Billinghurst

  • Oliver Edward Davies

    Oliver Edward Davies

  • Anwen Grace Rodaway

    Anwen Grace Rodaway

  • Nia-Rose Evans

    Nia-Rose Evans

  • Casey-Jane Bishop

    Casey-Jane Bishop

  • Sandy Ibrahim

    Sandy Ibrahim

South East Wales

  • Calen Jones

    Calen Jones

  • Aled Joseph

    Aled Joseph

  • Gwion Rhisiart

    Gwion Rhisiart

  • Betsan Roberts

    Betsan Roberts

  • Rhian Shillabeer

    Rhian Shillabeer

  • Manon Clarke

    Manon Clarke

  • Ffion Griffith

    Ffion Griffith

  • Tommy Church

    Tommy Church

  • Lloyd Mann

    Lloyd Mann

  • Charley Oliver-Holland

    Charley Oliver-Holland

  • Finlay Bertram

    Finlay Bertram

  • Maisy Evans

    Maisy Evans

  • Angel Ezeadum

    Angel Ezeadum

  • Chloe Giles

    Chloe Giles

  • Abby O

    Abby O'Sullivan

  • Levi Rees

    Levi Rees

  • Abbie Cooper

    Abbie Cooper

  • Greta Evans

    Greta Evans

  • Luke Parker

    Luke Parker

  • Carys Thomas

    Carys Thomas