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Todd Murray

Todd Murray

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From our colleagues in the life skills in the curriculum committee, there's a lot we can learn, especially with them, like you said, being the first committee to take anything forward. We...

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 20/11/2019

Yes. So, our next steps—one of the bigger steps we want to take is raising awareness amongst other young people. That's one of our biggest priorities moving forward. Our issue, I think, i...

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 20/11/2019

Yes. As part of the team that presented a summary of our work so far in the Siambr to our fellow Youth Parliament Members—that was on Friday, 25 October—during the October half-term at ou...

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 20/11/2019

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I would like to run for the Welsh Youth Parliament as I believe I have the skills and experience needed to represent the young in my Constituency.

I will if elected, talk to young people in my area through social media and email, along with regular meetings with local School Councils and the Youth Council for the area.

As a member of the Bridgend Youth council, my Schools Student Council and various other local organisations such as Sker lifeguards club I believe I have gained the skills needed to represent your views to the Youth Parliament.

I have represented the charity LATCH in a first give competition, where as a team leader I won £1000 for them thanks to my groups skill in public speaking.

I have also taken part in many debate competitions and am sure that I can represent and argue for you in the Youth Parliament.

I believe that I am not only qualified to take on this role because of my experience but because I will listen to the views you hold and represent and defend them passionately in the youth parliament, more than most candidates would because I will value your opinions.

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