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Tobias Baysting

Tobias Baysting


My key issues are:

  • LGBTQIA+ Rights
  • Climate Action
  • Wealth Inequality

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Candidate Statement: Being a teenager in modern Wales is drastically different to the life that our parents knew, in a myriad of ways. From the end of the Cold War to the rise of Big Tech, our lives have been changed forever. It is up to the youth of today to help change this country, so being a youth parliament member would allow people like myself to be at the forefront of social change.

I want to represent the people I have grown up with, their opinions, their concerns and make meaningful change to their lives. Their experiences are ones I want to listen to, and through social media I hope to gain a wider understanding of how I can represent them.

From being the editor of the school newspaper, to speaking at international Model United Nations conferences, I have experienced many things which has given me world knowledge. When paired with my perception of the world as an openly LGBTQ+ individual, this would make me an ideal person to speak on behalf of the youth of Wales.

There is a better world we can build, and I want to represent everyone in it, by you voting for a Welsh student.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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