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Qahira Shah

Qahira Shah

Cardiff South & Penarth

My key issues are:

  • Aiding homeless and refugees
  • Reducing transport ticket prices
  • Creating social spaces for youth

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Candidate Statement: Wales is a diverse and hearty country and its youth are its future. To ensure Wales maintains its culture, welcoming familial environment and character we need people who understand all communities and is always willing to learn. Someone who is keen on showing understanding with people from all walks of life; above all someone who is willing to make a change on our streets, schools and workplaces.

I believe our voices need to be heard consequently it’s my belief that I am a person who is confident enough to make sure everyone can get their say and see results. I understand the challenges of being a teenager, be it issues surrounding the environment, social media or mental health. I have many ideas on improving Wales and keen to hear more perspectives.

I am a member of Cardiff youth council and I interact with other youths interested in making change in Cardiff often. I also understand issues surrounding diversity, alcohol and drugs, mental health, issues on streets, bullying, and social media. I carry insight on what children around my age think of Wales and the Senedd and this will aid me should I become a member of the Welsh youth parliament.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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