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Iestyn Jones

Iestyn Jones

Carmarthen East & Dinefwr

My key issues are:

  • Mental health.
  • Post-16 education
  • Climate change

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Candidate Statement: Voting in the 2021 Senedd election for the first time at 16 was the catalyst for me to stand as a candidate for the Youth Parliament.

While discussing the burning issues of the day and following election results into the early hours of the morning is commonplace at home, having the right to vote at 16 was a turning point. I felt that my voice was now part of the democratic process. But I am aware that not everyone feels that way and that is why I want to represent the voice of other young people in my area in the Youth Parliament.

If selected, I would like to work with organisations, individuals and schools to reflect the cross-section of youth in my constituency. Being a member of the Urdd Youth Forums/Menter Gorllewin Caerfyrddin, Menter Dinefwr and the School's Welshness Forum, in addition to the Duke of Edinburgh outreach groups and community cricket team, has given me the opportunity to learn to listen to the diverse perspectives of young people of all ages and backgrounds before voicing the message of my fellow young people. I also believe that I am an individual who can be relied upon to deliver what has been promised and I hope to be able to transfer these qualities into my role as a member of the Youth Parliament if others put their trust in me with their vote.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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