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Harriet Wright-Nicholas

Harriet Wright-Nicholas


My key issues are:

  • Child poverty
  • Over-reliance on exams
  • Air pollution

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Candidate Statement: I wish to become a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament in order to help the young people in my community get involved in national decision making. I will represent you, and your views. We need to speak, and I will be your voice.

In the past few years, the flaws in our education system have been highlighted, one of which being the over-reliance on examinations. We need more focus on coursework, and less on that one exam per subject, said to determine our futures. It shouldn't. I promise to push change.

Almost 1/3 of children still live in poverty in Wales. There's a lack of affordable  educational opportunities for students, for instance, expensive school trips exclude those from poorer backgrounds. This needs to change.

I intend to offer youths in Caerphilly the opportunity to join a virtual meeting once a month. We will gather their views and share ideas.

To conclude, I am equipped with the communication and leadership skills necessary to be your spokesperson. I consider myself a confident speaker, have experience presenting on a national level, performing to large audiences, and volunteering in my community.

Thank you.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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