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Ffion Fairclough

Ffion Fairclough


My key issues are:

  • Reduce the cost of public transport
  • Supporting learners with additional learning needs
  • Improving opportunities in the Valleys

Welsh Youth Parliament Activities

Yes, well, as Kasia mentioned before, Tegan in the Senedd on Saturday was talking about how she is completely reliant on public transport because she's blind and is therefore unable to dr...

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

Yes. I think, after we looked a bit at Germany, we saw that carbon emissions, as Kasia said, reduced, and I guess it's become more of a habit, then, for younger people to use public trans...

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

If they were both free, I think I’d go for a train, just because of my experience with the reliability of the buses. I do find that people tend to go on buses more, because I guess there...

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

Obviously, free transport for all would be incredible, but I think particularly under-25s struggle more with, as I just mentioned, the minimum wage, for example. So, that's a big barrier....

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

Yes, I agree entirely, because education isn't necessarily for everyone, and a number of people I know have gone straight into work, and they need to pay for petrol, because they can't re...

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

Yes, I just wanted to add that, although they're mainly discussing people under 18, I think, as we've focused on people under 25, I'm 18 now and I'm at university and I still find that I...

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

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Candidate statement: I am a good listener, passionate about my area, and I can offer a strong voice to the young people of Wales. That's why I want to be a Member of the Welsh Youth Parliament for Pontypridd - to represent young people from all walks of life and to ensure fairness, justice and fair play for this generation. I will use social media to communicate with young people, and engage with different groups in order to understand and discuss the challenges they face. I am a 16 year old girl who has experienced many of the difficulties that are common amongst young people, especially after such a long lockdown - and you can rely on me to offer positive solutions and make a difference. I'm a friendly, optimistic person who is open to new ideas in order to make sure everyone is heard. I work in youth clubs in the area, including people with additional needs, and I understand the need for additional resources and services to ensure that everyone can fulfill their potential - regardless of their background and where they live. We need to offer hope and create a better future for Wales’ young people, and I want to play my part in achieving that.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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