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Ellie Murphy

Ellie Murphy

Tros Gynnal Plant Cymru

Ellie was a Member of the first Welsh Youth Parliament from 2018 to 2021.

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Ellie was a Member of the first Welsh Youth Parliament from 2018 to 2021.

The following was her candidate statement for election to the first Welsh Youth Parliament:

My Key Issues are:

  • Education: should respect our traditions
  • Accommodation: Need more permanent sites.
  • Health/Well being: help people meet their potential.

I am a 14-year-old Gypsy Traveller from Pembroke in Pembrokeshire. I live in the local area with my Mam, Dad and 3 brothers. I attend the Priory Project, a secondary unit for Gypsy and Traveller children, which I really enjoy.

Family is very important. I help keep the house clean, I babysit my younger brothers and help my Granny. I have a lot of interests including listening to music and spending time with friends. I have a great passion for hair and beauty and when I am older I want to work as a beautician.

I have a lot of experience from being a member of Pembrokeshire Youth Assembly and participating in Welsh government steering groups. I am good at public speaking and enjoy debating about issues and politics.

I have a good understanding about what affects Gypsy traveller young people and the skills to communicate this to adults. I believe that as an active member of the local and national Gypsy traveller community I would be able to make a valuable contribution to this parliament. I am proud of my background and would be even prouder to speak up for it.

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