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Callum Schembri

Callum Schembri

Partner elected Member


My Key Issues are:

  • Awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues
  • Neurodivergent issues that affect them
  • The impact of Climate Change on our planet

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Candidate Statement: My name is Callum, and I was 15 years old in December 2022. I have been involved with Participation in NYAS since the summer of 2022, I would like to be the representative on the Youth Parliament because I have a passion for change for children and young people who have been in care. I have been involved in lots of different projects as a member of Bright Sparks and the YPAG, I enjoy being involved in activities and feel that I would be amazing at representing the views of you and others if you give me a chance.


Terms of office

  1. 07/03/2023 -

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