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Harriet Wright-Nicholas

Harriet Wright-Nicholas


My key issues are:

  • Child poverty
  • Over-reliance on exams
  • Air pollution

Welsh Youth Parliament Activities

I would like to finish by thanking the Deputy Minister for her written response to the report and her offer to work with the Welsh Youth Parliament over the coming months. We are currentl...

Plenary | 21/06/2023

Thank you, Llywydd. Since launching our campaign, the mental health and well-being committee has been working hard to raise awareness of a number of key issues within the current mental h...

Plenary | 21/06/2023

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Candidate Statement: I wish to become a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament in order to help the young people in my community get involved in national decision making. I will represent you, and your views. We need to speak, and I will be your voice.

In the past few years, the flaws in our education system have been highlighted, one of which being the over-reliance on examinations. We need more focus on coursework, and less on that one exam per subject, said to determine our futures. It shouldn't. I promise to push change.

Almost 1/3 of children still live in poverty in Wales. There's a lack of affordable  educational opportunities for students, for instance, expensive school trips exclude those from poorer backgrounds. This needs to change.

I intend to offer youths in Caerphilly the opportunity to join a virtual meeting once a month. We will gather their views and share ideas.

To conclude, I am equipped with the communication and leadership skills necessary to be your spokesperson. I consider myself a confident speaker, have experience presenting on a national level, performing to large audiences, and volunteering in my community.

Thank you.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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