Voter registration drive

Published 03/06/2021   |   Last Updated 07/06/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The Welsh Youth Parliament’s voter registration will be open between 28 May and 12 November.

Why not get involved by turning an area of your school, college or youth club into a voter registration hub?

Encourage as many young people to use their voice and register to vote in the upcoming Welsh Youth Parliament election.

The elections will take place in November 2021 and will be an opportunity for young people to be part of a democratic process in Wales, and vote for who they’d like to represent them.

Top tips to host a voter registration hub: 

  1. Create a hub rota so that certain classes can register at one time in your IT suite
  2. Ask each registration class to put 5 minutes aside for young people to register to vote using their mobile devices
  3. Open your IT suite every lunch time throughout the week as a drop-in for young people to register to vote.

Those who registered to vote in the 2018 Welsh Youth Parliament election do not need to register again. They will be sent an email on 3 June 2021 to inform them that they are still registered. Their voting code and instructions will be emailed on 1 November 2021.

Registering to vote will only take a few minutes, the following information will be needed to register:

  • Name;
  • Post code (home or school);
  • Email address;
  • Date of birth