Hold Your Own Election Day

Published 03/06/2021   |   Last Updated 03/06/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The Welsh Youth Parliament election will take place from 1-22 November. Why not champion the voices of young people, and their rights, by giving them the opportunity to take part in a national youth election during UNCRC month? 

Please remember that young people aged 11-18 will need to have registered to vote by 12 November to be eligible to vote.  

What does a Welsh Youth Parliament Election Day involve?  

  1. You can be a part of this day by dressing up your school, college or youth group with our promotional materials. Make sure you’ve requested a Welsh Youth Parliament marketing pack, which includes helpful materials.
  2. Why not invite your local Member of the Senedd to your school, college or youth group to talk about their role, support your young candidates, and answer any questions the young people have about politics in Wales? 
  3. Arrange a workshop or presentation by the Welsh Youth Parliament team to kickstart the day by contacting 0300 200 6565 or email contact@senedd.wales.  
  4. Open your IT suites to allow young people to vote on the day.