Youth Work Week 2019

Published 28/06/2019   |   Last Updated 05/05/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

This week celebrated Youth Work Week, and Charley, one of the Welsh Youth Parliament Members has been a part of the field for many years. Here is her story.

From an early age, youth work has been very important to me. I have participated in local youth services since I was 10 years old, and attending the club meant I had an opportunity to volunteer.

This experience has benefited my future enormously. To celebrate Youth Work Week, I shall be taking part in a number of broad activities.

I strongly believe that Youth Work Week is a special opportunity to celebrate the incredible work being done in Wales and all over the world. Youth work can offer invaluable opportunities for young people and it can deliver opportunities that wouldn’t be available in school or home settings.



During Youth Work Week, I shall be volunteering at my local youth service fun day with young people. Last year the event was a success; I helped year 6 pupils to develop relationships/friendships to prepare them for secondary school.

The pupils had a chance to have fun through exercises that are essential for young people, and which highlighted our rights under the UNCRC.

Over the years, I have participated in activities such as a sports day, cooking lessons, mental health workshops in Mindfulness, and the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being youth council Chair. All these opportunities have helped me to grow as a person and have helped me to develop my confidence skills. Without these services, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


It's #YouthWorkWeek - a chance to celebrate youth workers' contribution to the lives of young people in Wales.
Here's Charley to tell you her story of how youth work shaped her as a person and inspired her to become a Welsh Youth Parliament Member.#YouthWorkWales @YWWales

— Welsh Youth Parliament (@WelshYouthParl) June 24, 2019

I believe it is essential that we celebrate the work of young people and youth workers together. Without them, many young people would lack essential skills for the future.

Youth centres provide a safe environment for young people to go and take part in fun activities and to take a break from some of life’s hardships.

So, this Youth Work Week, I suggest that you look up which services are available in your area and see how you can take part.

‘Youth work’ to me is fun; there are many unique opportunities for everyone. What does youth work mean to you? Happy Youth Work Week to you all!