Welsh Youth Parliament Timeline

Published 08/06/2021   |   Last Updated 22/11/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The next Welsh Youth Parliament elections are taking place in November 2021.

The timeline below notes the key dates for when you can register to vote, nominate yourself for election and how you can tell us about the issues that matter most to you.

All of these important dates are noted here with links taking you to find out more information and take action as soon as these different opportunities are available.

Second Welsh Youth Parliament 2021 - 2023

Voter registration

03 June – 12 November

Get your voice heard – register to vote in the Welsh Youth Parliament Election!

Register by 29 October to receive your voting code on 1 November.

Register between 29 October – 12 November and receive your voting code on 15 November.

Partner Organisation applications

03 June – 28 June

Between 3 and 28 of June, partner organisations can register to work with the next Welsh Youth Parliament.

What matters to you?

03 June – 20 September

Between 03 June and 20 September, tell us what matters to you. What issues do you want your next Welsh Youth Parliament to look at?

Have your say!

Candidate nomination

05 July – 20 September

Between 05 July and 20 September, the people who want to become your next Welsh Youth Parliament members can register to be candidates.

National online election

01 November – 22 November

Voting opens. Use your vote to decide who’ll be part of your next Welsh Youth Parliament.

Member announcement

December 2021

The Members of your Welsh Youth Parliament will be announced.

First national meeting

February 2022

The new Welsh Youth Parliament will meet for the first time.


This election is a chance for you to have your say, through voting for your candidate and letting us know the issues that are important to you. Your voice is powerful, make sure its heard by registering to vote today!

If you have any questions please email hello@youthparliament.wales