Use Your Voice! Rapping And Voting During The Welsh Youth Parliament Election!

Published 10/11/2021   |   Last Updated 22/11/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

November 2021 can only mean one thing; it’s the Welsh Youth Parliament election month! This will be the second election for the Welsh Youth Parliament, an online election that takes place between 1-22 November. This is an opportunity for young people across Wales, 11 years old and up to 18 years old, to use their voice and decide who they want to represent their local area or constituency in the next Welsh Youth Parliament.

The aim of the Welsh Youth Parliament is:

  • Empower Wales’ young people to identify, raise awareness of and debate the issues important to you.
  • Listen to young people in Wales, represent your views and act on the issues important to you.
  • Work with key decision makers to raise these issues and call for change.

Both using their voice and raising the matters important to them were the focus of a beatboxing workshop held with the one and only Mr Phormula recently. Over twenty young people from nine different secondary schools across Wales gathered virtually to produce a soundtrack to highlight the importance of raising your voice.

According to Mr Phormula,

“By combining music with rap and creative writing, it is possible to convey messages and subjects in a unique and modern way, particularly with the younger generation. Rap is a skill that is very popular internationally and the main element of rap is the ‘voice’. What better than combine the voices of our young people here in Wales and mixing the message of the Welsh Youth Parliament with rap and using music as the vehicle to send out the message across the soundwaves!”


Motivated by the skills of Mr Phormula, the young people who took part rose to the challenge of rapping virtually!


“We had great fun in the workshop with Mr Phormula. It was good to work with other schools and be able to continue with such activities, although in a virtual way. During the session we had the opportunity to share the issues we would like to see the new Youth Parliament discussing. One issue that is important to us is looking at more activities and support for young people who live and choose to stay in rural areas. It is very important that everyone registers to vote and votes in the Welsh Youth Parliament election so that people can hear our voice.”

- Gwennan, Bryn, Gwen a Wyre, Ysgol Penweddig

How about going for it and rapping with the soundtrack? Let’s hear the voice of our young people across Wales during the election of the Welsh Youth Parliament!


Voter registration closes Friday 12 November 2021

Election dates: 1-22 November 2021

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