Thinking of putting your name forward as a candidate for the Welsh Youth Parliament?

Published 20/09/2021   |   Last Updated 20/09/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Applications close at midnight on 20 September 2021.

Standing as a candidate is a great opportunity for you to speak up on issues that are important to young people in your area.

Make sure you read our Candidate Pack which contains all the information you need about being a Member of the Welsh Youth Parliament and how to apply.

As part of your application you need to include an Applicant's Statement. Here’s some useful information to help you complete this part of your application:



What is a candidate statement?

A candidate statement is more than a list of basic facts about you. Young people reading your statement should be able to learn something about you for example, why do you want to be a Welsh Youth Parliament Member?

Who will be reading my statement?

Young people in your area or constituency will be able to read your statement so they can decide if they would like to vote for you.

Where will young people be able to read my statement?

Your statement will be available on the Welsh Youth Parliament website as part of your profile.

How much should I write in my statement?

Your statement should not be more than 200 words.

What should I include in my statement?

Remember that you are writing your statement to convince young people in your area or constituency to vote for you.

You might want to include:

·         why you want to be a Welsh Youth Parliament Member

·         Why you would make a good Welsh Youth Parliament Member

·         How would you be a voice for young people

·         How would you represent young people

·         How would I contribute to the work of the Welsh Youth Parliament

·         Why should young people vote for you

You should include:

     Your 3 main issues as a Welsh Youth Parliament Member; what would be your focus.

What makes a good statement?

A good statement is relevant, concise and accurate.



Planning my statement


List or create a mind map of what I need to include in my statement


Rank my list or number my mind map in content order


Write a draft of my statement


Ask a family member/friend/teacher to read my statement


Redraft my statement


Check the checklist!


Submit my statementJ



My statement checklist


Have I explained why I would make a good Welsh Youth Parliament Member?


Have I mentioned how I’d contribute to the work of the Welsh Youth Parliament?


Have I included how I’d represent the views of the young people in my area or constituency?


Does my statement include the 3 issues?


Are my 3 issues within the devolved powers in Wales? (Check the devolved powers here.)


Have I checked my spelling and punctuation?


Is my statement 200 words or less?