The Peace and Goodwill Message by the Urdd - The Climate Emergency

Published 17/05/2022   |   Last Updated 17/05/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

Every year the Urdd youth movement issues a Message of Peace and Goodwill throughout the world. It is intended to spread peace and goodwill and is delivered through the voice of young people. As one of our partner organisations in the Welsh Youth Parliament this term, we are proud to celebrate and share this message.

The message this year, the centenary year of the founding of the Urdd, strikes a special chord with us in the Welsh Youth Parliament, as the focus of this year's Message is Climate Change. Climate and the Environment was chosen as one of our top three focus subjects for our two year term as members of the Youth Parliament (the other two subjects are Education and the School Curriculum and Our Mental Health and Wellbeing). We feel strongly that Climate Change is an essential subject to tackle, for the benefit of our future and our future wellbeing.

The message encourages us to do the little things to save our planet, and to promise to take action, even though we may not be the first to suffer these ill-effects.

Elena Ruddy is the representative of the Urdd as member of the Welsh Youth Parliament, and she, as the Message states, uses her voice as a young person to hold the Welsh Government to account on behalf of the children and young people of Wales. Elena and the Urdd hope that this important message can be spread throughout the world.


This is the message