Plenary Meeting: Second Welsh Youth Parliament

Published 03/03/2022   |   Last Updated 11/03/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

The opportunity to become a Welsh Youth Parliament Member has been a memorable moment for me. It means that I can represent young people of my area, while also being able to spread awareness of the work of Llamau, the partner organisation that I represent. You can read more about the Charity which aims to end youth homelessness here.

Experiencing meeting other Members during the online event, and hearing their stories emphasised our motives of being involved in the Welsh Youth Parliament.

During the first meeting of the second Welsh Youth Parliament, myself and other Members had the chance to make speeches on issues that matter to us, and our peers. It was the day that we were to vote on the top three issues to focus on during our two year term. I learnt so many interesting and new things about issues and topics that I had never heard of before. It was very empowering to hear Members share many personal experiences, and what could be done to resolve certain situations.

As a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament, I’m looking forward to representing the young people of Wales, helping to resolve issues and spread awareness of them.

Dafydd Louis, Partner Elected Member for Llamau