Welsh Youth Parliament Member

Welsh Youth Parliament Member

Five reasons to become a Welsh Youth Parliament Member

Published 05/07/2021   |   Last Updated 05/07/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The Welsh Youth Parliament is made up of 60 Members aged 11-18, voted for by you. The issues they focus on are chosen by young people in Wales. Here’s five reasons why you should become a Welsh Youth Parliament Member.

Develop your skills

As a Welsh Youth Parliament Member, you’ll develop skills that will benefit you for life.

You’ll be raising awareness and sharing information about the work of the Welsh Youth Parliament, all while developing your leadership, communication and research skills at the same time.

There’ll be opportunities to boost your confidence in public speaking, gain experience of team working and improve your interpersonal skills.

Be an influencer

Could you be a voice for young people in Wales?

You’ll meet young people from across Wales and hear about the issues important to them. Mental health, the school curriculum, reducing plastic waste – these are just some of the issues raised by the last Welsh Youth Parliament.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet key decision makers, and you could influence the way Members of Senedd see and understand issues facing young people.

Make new friends and share experiences

One of the best things about becoming a Welsh Youth Parliament Member is making new friends, and sharing experiences with a diverse group of young people.

From media engagements, events to training - there’ll be lots of unique opportunities to get involved with. Perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities, is the chance to discuss important issues in the Senedd’s debating chamber. Take a look at former Welsh Youth Parliament Members in action.

Former Welsh Youth Parliament Member Ffion-Hâf Davies says:

“Throw yourself at EVERYTHING! Whether that be making friends, speaking in the Chamber, eating brownies or other opportunities, just make the most of everything.”


It’s not just politics!

The topics we’re discussing aren't politics - it's everyday life. The environment, your schools, your health services...everything that matters.

You’ll empower young people by raising awareness and debating the issues important to them. Find out about the work of the first Welsh Youth Parliament.

You’ll develop your knowledge of how politics works and understand how decisions impact the lives of people across the country. As part of your role, you’ll share this knowledge with other young people, and encourage them to use their voice and get involved with the work of the Welsh Youth Parliament.

Have fun!

We guarantee you’ll have lots of fun as a Welsh Youth Parliament Member. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what former Welsh Youth Parliament Member, Evan Burgess, had to say…

“Two incredible years of meetings, progress and most importantly, fun. It has been a truly incredible experience that has provided us all with so much and helped young people across Wales find their voice.”


With everything going on in the world, youth voices need to be heard now more than ever. Could you, or someone you know be part of the next Welsh Youth Parliament?

If you’re aged between 11 and 18, nominate yourself to become a Welsh Youth Parliament Member.

Don’t forget to register to vote! It starts with you!