10 Ways you can get involved in Welsh Youth Parliament Week

Published 07/09/2021   |   Last Updated 15/09/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The Welsh Youth Parliament is made up of 60 Members aged 11–18, and you are to vote for them. Young people in Wales choose the issues that will claim Members' attention.

The next Welsh Youth Parliament election will be held in November 2021 where we will elect 60 young people to be Members of the Welsh Youth Parliament for the next two years.  

Following the success of The Welsh Youth Parliament week in 2020, we are back. It's time to raise awareness of what the Welsh Youth Parliament is and how you can get involved.  

Here are 10 ways you can take part in Welsh Youth Parliament week and the Welsh Youth Parliament election campaign, this year. 

1. Stand to become a Member of the Welsh Youth Parliament:The opportunity to nominate yourself to become a Member of the Welsh Youth Parliament will close on Monday 20 September.Don't miss out! 

2. Join in a training session:On Monday, 13 September we will be holding a training session for teachers and youth workers to learn about the story of the Youth Parliament so far and how to encourage young people to vote and stand for election. Sign up now!  

3. Book a session for your school or youth group:We will talk to a number of young people through our virtual sessions throughout the week. You can book a session for your school or youth group to learn more about how to apply to become a Member of the Welsh Youth Parliament, how to register to vote and how to share the issues that matter most to you in your local area.  

4. Join us for a chat:Thinking of applying to become the next Member of the Youth Parliament for Wales?Join us for a virtual, informal chat, to learn more about how to make your application and what it means to be a Member of the Welsh Youth Parliament. When? Wednesday, 15 September at 17:30. 

5. Download our digital pack:Do you like sharing opportunities and information on your social media pages? Want to share information about the Welsh Youth Parliament and how to get involved in the next election? Why notdownload our digital pack that includes branded digital illustrations to help you share great content? 

6. Ordering a marketing pack:A marketing pack is available to receive in the post, full of posters, information leaflets and stickers. You can order by emailinghello@youthparliament.wales  

 7. Learn more about our partner organisations:Ourpartner organisations for next term have been selected. Watch out for how you can learn more about them over the next few weeks. 

8. Running an activity:We have several resources available for you to run your own activities in your school or youth group. Why not hold a debate on the issues that are important in your local area? Why not set up a hub to encourage other young people to register to vote in the Welsh Youth Parliament election? Or why not hold a hustings event? 

9. What matters to you?: The Welsh Youth Parliament will work to raise awareness of the issues that matter most to you in Wales and your local area. What's most important to you?Share your ideas in our questionnaire.  

10. Register to vote:You canregister to vote in the next Welsh Youth Parliament election NOW. Until November 12. Make sure you don't miss out on this great opportunity. It starts with you!