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Stella Orrin

Stella Orrin


My key issues are:

  • Climate Change
  • Equal Sport Opportunities
  • Mental Health

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Candidate Statement: I would like to be a Member of the Welsh Youth Parliament as I believe I am passionate & confident enough to represent you and your local area to the highest standard. I am a member of my local climate strike group,  youth council & rugby team. I am an active member of my community & I understand the importance of youth voice.

The biggest issue of our generation is among us, and those in power are not doing enough. For too long, the blame for climate change has been shifted onto people & families like us, normal, working people & students. If I am elected, I will do everything in my power to hold the decision makers and actual culprits accountable for their actions, as I have been doing on a local level so far.

For many people like myself, sport is a crucial part of my life. It keeps me happy & healthy, physically & mentally. If elected, I would ensure that our local schools and council allocate funding to extra-curricular sports and local teams regardless of gender, ethnicity & abilities.

It's time for Welsh youth voice to be taken seriously, I strongly feel I am the right candidate to work alongside you.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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