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Sonia Marwaha

Sonia Marwaha

Newport West

My key issues are:

  • A greener urban environment.
  • Mental health of young people.
  • Environmentally-friendly housing.

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Candidate Statement: I am applying to be a WYP member to meet like-minded young people who want to improve the world for future generations. While our government continues struggling and losing trust, the youth can not only see what today's real problems are, but what tomorrow's will be - we want our voices heard.

As a WYP member, I hope to involve young people of all backgrounds in current and future affairs by making the mental and physical health of future Welsh citizens a top priority as problems like global warming approach us. To counter pollution in urban areas, I will promote the importance of growing trees and building green, sustainable housing. I will try to increase the number of extracurricular activities and youth clubs available for teenagers in Newport and Wales compared to younger children, as Newport is proudly the second-most diverse city in Wales yet lacks facilities to reduce discrimination and antisocial behaviour among young people.

I believe I am a worthy candidate as I have spoken to people struggling in Wales and have raised over £1000 for environmental and humanitarian causes. I also regularly attend protests calling for justice for victims of police brutality, racism, and refugees.

Thank you


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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