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Rosemary Squires

Rosemary Squires

Partner elected Member

Voices from Care Cymru

My key issues are:

  • support/reliability from social services
  • Breaking stigma through education
  • Increase in social, support groups

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Candidate Statement: I would like to be a Welsh youth parliament member because I feel I would do an effective job of representing those around me, who have experienced similar circumstances as I have. I feel I can do this as I have been going to Roots Foundation Wales for a large period of time. During that time I have made strong, reliable relationships with others my age and with staff, who have all been through / are in the care system as I am. I am confident that I can listen and take on board what those around me have to say and would do my best to work towards making improvements wherever possible. I think you should vote for me as I have excellent communication skills, I listen to and take into consideration others ideas and opinions and feel confident enough to present my ideas to others. Throughout school, I have taken part in enterprise projects, I am form representative, and outside of school I have gained confidence through working in a cafe, these have enabled me to gain confidence with socialising with people. I would dedicate and prioritise my time to this role and give the best I can.


Terms of office

  1. 14/12/2021 -

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