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Rhys Lewis

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I would like to be a WYP member because there are a number of aspects that the Welsh Government are overlooking, mostly regarding young people and education.

For example, currently education services in Wales are running low and funding for 'non-academic' subjects such as music, drama and sport are being increasingly cut, and the government need to realise that although English, Maths and Science are tremendously important subjects, there are other things that are also important.

Also, the compulsory option of Welsh Baccalaureate for GCSE, while it can be useful, has lowered the number of subjects students in Wales can take for GCSE from four to three. Many students do not take it seriously, and therefore is considered a waste of time, and should be made optional.

If I am elected, I will make sure every young person in the Preseli Pembrokeshire constituency has their say if they want to give it. Having been a school council member in four different school years, I am experienced in this field, and a good public speaker.

I will try to make the Welsh Government aware of the views of young people in Preseli Pembrokeshire.

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