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Oliver Edward Davies

Oliver Edward Davies

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I wanted to be elected to the Welsh Youth Parliament because I wanted to make my voice heard because young children’s voices and opinions are overlooked and undervalued.

I also wanted to raise awareness for me and other young carers like me. I also wanted to raise the funding for young carers because we only stay supported for a limited time which definitely not long enough, obviously this is because of limited funding.

Another thing I wanted to do was raise awareness for children with rare and complex disabilities like my younger brother. My younger brother is 9 and he has a rare and extreme form of autism called Pathological Demand Avoidance.

I wanted to raise awareness for my brothers condition because he is misunderstood even by the people who know about his condition, like his teachers.

He is currently attending his fifth school and he has missed the majority of the past four years of school, this is because of lack of awareness and understanding. He was always seen as the naughty child who was acting up.

I would also like to give other children like me a voice and an opinion upon which they can express freely.

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