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Maisy Evans

Maisy Evans

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I'm grateful to have had that platform to share my views, and even more grateful for the opportunity to influence real change at the highest levels possible. With the voting age having be...

Plenary | 24/02/2021

People often ask me whether, if I could go back in time, I'd change anything. And simply, no. Absolutely not. I'd stand for election, and I'd throw myself at every opportunity time and ti...

Plenary | 24/02/2021

Thank you very much, Llywydd. It's a privilege, once again, to speak to you all.

Plenary | 24/02/2021

It's an honour and a privilege to be able to speak at this committee meeting on such an important day. And it's great to see you as Assembly Members here to join us in celebrating 30 year...

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 20/11/2019

Thank you very much, Lynne.

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 20/11/2019

Thank you very much, Llywydd. It’s a great privilege and an honour to be speaking in the Siambr on this momentous day, and it’s wonderful to see Assembly Members and Welsh Youth Parliamen...

Plenary | 26/06/2019

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I am a confident, ambitious and enthusiastic young person, and eager to expand my horizons.

I firmly believe that the opportunity to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament would be a very valuable experience.

This is a unique opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and offer ideas for improving our country.

As a member of the Youth Parliament, I will strive to influence significant changes in Welsh policies, and improve the lives of all young people in Wales by lowering the voting age, try to improve school funding systems and focus on your health and wellbeing.

Whether you are privileged or underprivileged, a boy or a girl, aged 11 or 17, Welsh-speaking or not, your lives are a priority for me and our country.

I do not believe that you, as young adults, get the golden opportunities that you deserve - would you like to be heard? Would you like more of a voice? Would you like to see significant change within your community?

It would be a pleasure to represent you in Torfaen - we will be the change that must be seen in Wales today.

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