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Kian Agar

Kian Agar

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I am standing for Welsh Youth Parliament because I am passionate about making positive changes for our generation, and future generations to come. I want to help solve problems which will massively impact the younger population and need to be acted upon now. Not only will I stand for my concerns but ensure that the voices of people in my area are heard, as after all, it is them who will be affected by change, for better or worse. By voting for me, I will ensure that young people have the best future. It’s our generation that will be the surgeons, pilots, and engineers of the future.

We must shape an environment our young people can thrive in, not an environment that has been ruined and neglected. In July, out of over 130 pupils, I was awarded 'Pupil of the Year', demonstrating my teachers and peers’ appreciation for my resilience, leadership and hard work - I am proud to represent my peers. Recently, I participated in a clean-up to help clear our local beach of plastic waste that pollutes our sea every day. I believe I can truly make a difference for people of the present, and future.  

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