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Kasia Tomsa

Kasia Tomsa

Blaenau Gwent

My key issues are:

  • The environment
  • Mental health
  • Child poverty

Welsh Youth Parliament Activities

Yes. I'm not sure of the official statistic. I'm not sure whether, Bethan or Elin, you have the official statistic, but I think it's really important to reduce discrimination as a whole....

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

Yes, 100 per cent. And I think we mentioned earlier about bus steps as well. I think it can be really difficult to actually get on to trains and buses because of the height of that step....

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

Yes. First of all, I think it's definitely very important to have free public transport for young people going to education. Everyone has the right to a free education. So, I think that's...

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

In our report, we call for free public transport for all under-25s, no matter where in Wales they are from, and the same stands for reliability, accessibility and safety. We want every pe...

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

First of all, for the first question, I completely agree with what Ffion has said. I do think that, potentially, we could call for free public transport for under-25s at first and then ma...

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

Several things came to light, including young people's desire to travel on cheaper public transport. We call on the Welsh Government to provide free public transport for all under-25s. Ou...

Petitions Committee | 27/11/2023

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Candidate Statement: I would love to be a Welsh Youth Parliament Member because I think that it would be an excellent opportunity for me to work with other young people, listen to their views and share my own to be able to make positive change for all young people across Wales. If I was chosen, I would run surveys for students across different schools in Blaenau Gwent to ensure that their voices are heard and to represent other young people’s thoughts, ideas and passions within my community to see their envisions of a better future. Some examples of skills that I obtain include great communication skills due to me taking part in speaking in public LAMDA exams and other presentations and the ability to confidently convey my thoughts on different issues as a result of me being a part of the NSPCC Young People’s Board for Change and me being head girl in school. I think someone should vote for me because I will be able to bring to the Parliament a dedicated attitude and a willingness to stand up for the views of young people in my area on how we can support young people across Wales.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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