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Ifan Wyn Erfyl Jones

Ifan Wyn Erfyl Jones

Ynys Môn

My key issues are:

  • Social well-being
  • Health services
  • The Welsh language

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Good afternoon, all. Being a Member of the Welsh Youth Parliament over the past few months has been a privilege, and I've been able to make friends with these amazing young people. In the...

Plenary | 26/06/2019

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There are 200,000 children in poverty in Wales, thousands more with mental health problems, and others struggling to pay for their bus pass. And the ridiculous thing? We have no voice. You should vote for me because I would ensure that everyone's voice is heard, including that of minorities. You will no longer be ignored if you vote for me. 

Why am I standing? Because I want to make a difference and help others make to Wales an equal country for all. I want to make sure the voice of the young people of Anglesey is heard in the Parliament.  How will my voice be heard? It will be possible to email me and connect via all social media so that you can share your views simply and quickly. I would also hold regular meetings so that I can come face-to-face with the young people of Anglesey and show that I am a person that thinks about everyone - not an invisible member online.  

I am friendly but confident and want to make sure that the voice of the young people of Anglesey is heard clearly in the Parliament. 

A voice for all.

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