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Hermione Vaikunthanathan-Jones

Hermione Vaikunthanathan-Jones


My key issues are:

  • Social media and youth health
  • Youth action for the environment
  • Education in pandemics

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Candidate Statement: Hello, I’m Hermione, I live on Gower. My father is British Sri Lankan, and my mother is Welsh. I’m Welsh, and love Wales. I am learning to speak Welsh. 

Having an opinion as a young person is very important. It is essential that the voices of my generation are heard discussing the issues that matter. I want to understand how politics shapes our lives. And how we, as young people, can shape politics. Young people are the means to change the future by understanding the past and present. My three issues concern the environment, education in pandemics and how we can use social media positively for health. I will look forward to learning about other members’ issues and supporting them; and representing young Welsh people. 

In order to raise awareness about the Welsh Youth Parliament and represent the issues I would make surveys using social media, speak in school assemblies, speak to my local MP, and read research. 

From experience in the performing arts, and as a school and year representative I have developed skills in public speaking, negotiation, discussion, listening, leadership and teamwork. I am eager to develop these skills further. 

Diolch am ystyried fy nghais.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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