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Hanna Mahamed

Hanna Mahamed

Partner elected Member

Race Council Cymru

My key issues are:

  • BAME History
  • Helping Disadvantaged Students
  • Mental Health in School

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Candidate Statement: Hello! I am Hanna Mahamed, a 16 year old from Cardiff. I would greatly appreciate the support of Race Council Cymru for the Welsh Youth Parliament because I want to see doors opening and opportunities being presented to the disadvantaged, underrepresented youth of Wales.

I am passionate, committed and care deeply for my community. This in tandem with my creativity makes me an ideal candidate. A candidate who will regularly engage with her community’s youth via forums, questionnaires/surveys and social media. To ensure those who do not have access to the internet are heard, I will arrange meetings in my local pavilion. This guarantees the voices, opinions and queries of my peers are heard and understood.

Although I lack experience in the usual sense, I have the lived experience to more than make up for it. As a young, black, Muslim, working class girl, I have seen enough inequalities to know that enough is enough. Becoming a Welsh Parliament Member will allow me to help facilitate the change that is long overdue.

We are not a monolith and as such, a society built for one group cannot serve us all and I hope to see this change through.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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