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Finlay Bertram

Finlay Bertram

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I believe being a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament would be an unmissable opportunity for me to repay my community. It would allow me to be the change I and many other young people would like to see in Wales. I would say that I am very opinionated on topics such as mental health, equal rights (especially involving racism, sexism, and homophobia), and sex education/health. To ensure that all young people's voices are heard and represented I will conduct talks at my school, athletics club and volunteering organization where I will ask my peers of any changes they would like to see in Wales.

Young people are also welcome to raise any issues with me by messaging me on my facebook or twitter account. I believe that people should vote for me because no matter what my opinion is on someone's views, I will respect their standpoint and take their argument into consideration nonetheless. I believe myself to have the people and communication skills, coupled with the social knowledge to allow me to excel in this role. If elected, I will do everything in my power to help turn Wales into an even more equal and accepting place. 

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