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Ewan Bodilly

Ewan Bodilly


My key issues are:

  • Youth Mental Health Care
  • The Climate Emergency
  • End Tuition Fees (Free University)

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Candidate Statement: Hello! My name is Ewan and I would like to be your next Welsh Youth Parliament Member. It’s easy for us as young people to feel powerless, and without a say in what’s going on around Wales. We feel alienated, separated and disconnected from the world around us. It’s no surprise this is the case, with mental health issues on the rise, Covid-19 and the climate crisis, it’s no wonder most feel this way. However we must not let this stop us. I believe that the young of today should have far more say in our tomorrow. If I am elected as your representative I will do everything I can to fight to get our opinions heard on the issues that affect us the most. As a member of the Bridgend Youth Council, I have experience in ensuring young people are heard, and I hope to bring this to Welsh Youth Parliament, so I can take your voice and make it loud enough for all to hear. I want a future where no young person feels hopeless, or ignored, or alienated. I hope that you share this wish and will consider choosing me as your next Welsh Youth Parliament representative. 


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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