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Evie Kwan

Evie Kwan

Vale of Glamorgan

My key issues are:

  • Environmental health/Better air quality 
  • Better education on racism
  • Continued use of Welsh language

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Candidate Statement: I’ve always been interested in politics. The feelings of frustration and yearning to make a difference to the world without knowing how to do so is why I want to become a Welsh Youth Parliament Member. Growing up in a town and school environment where people around me were predominantly white I often felt and still feel like I never really belonged. I’d love to use my past and present experiences to make other young people who may feel how I’ve felt feel less alone and that just as much as anyone they can make their voices heard and they belong where they are listened to. People should vote for me as I really think I could listen to young people’s voices while being a friendly face they feel they could trust. Through school, work and other activities I’m surrounded by other young people and their opinions. Through attending bell ringing, volunteering with Cubs and attending the Cardiff and Vale high schools orchestra, all of which have given me plenty of spaces to find what the young people of Wales really want. I believe all young people have so much to give and say if we are given the right outlet.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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