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Evan Burgess

Evan Burgess


My key issues are:

  • Growing the Welsh economy¬†
  • Increasing sustainable tourism
  • Improving transport in Wales

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Detailed information: Evan Burgess


My name is Evan Burgess, I am 13 years old. The three issues I will prioritize if I am elected will be; Growing the Welsh economy, increasing sustainable tourism and improving transport in Wales. I believe developing these areas will create a more prosperous Wales.

I am a competitive cyclist, have competed at a national level and appreciate Wales' special landscape. I have extensive people skills and am an experienced and confident public speaker, having spoken at schools, conventions and competitions.  I have debated and formed policies within school and have sat on numerous councils, representing viewpoints from diverse backgrounds and delivering profound changes.

I am totally fluent in English and Welsh, and have received awards in both languages. I hope to enter the Welsh Youth Parliament to empower young people and improve Wales' future. I will consult with young people in the community by going out to talk to children and asking their opinions.

Additionally I will visit schools and use questionnaires to hear opinions effectively. People should vote for me as I'm determined to improve Wales, am a self-motivated, hardworking and driven individual, have strong opinions on politics and will get your voice heard in the Senedd. 

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