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Ella Kenny

Ella Kenny

Swansea East

My key issues are:

  • Combatting climate change locally
  • Promoting equality and mental health
  • Supporting key workers (pandemic recovery)

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With the passing of the draconian Public Order Bill prohibiting groups like Extinction Rebellion from effective protest and greenhouse gases at a 4.5 million year high, what are the Welsh...

Plenary | 21/06/2023

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Candidate Statement: Change starts with us. Change for the environment, the economy, and the people. A vote for me is a vote for everyone, as I will put the Welsh community’s needs as top priority. I am experienced and well versed in politics as someone who has engaged in mock elections and read political theory. I would continuously communicate with my peers for their input on how I can benefit our area. I want to see Swansea thrive, and build a future where we can grow up in a diverse, accepting and safe place. I am an environmentalist with a big heart for preserving our nature and the beautiful sceneries which are in Swansea. I would be an excellent Youth Parliament Member due to my ambitiousness, passion and logical brain. As someone who is marginalised, I am dedicated to improving the lives of those who are discriminated against. I, like many others, have lost loved ones to the pandemic and am eager to support the key workers when it is most crucial. I know that working with others means that I must accommodate towards their needs, therefore I will make any discussions I have locally accessible. Vote for me, vote for Swansea.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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