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Charley Oliver-Holland

Charley Oliver-Holland

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I want to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament as I am committed and determined to make a positive impact on young people’s lives in my area. I am considerate and good at listening, so I feel as if I could ensure young people in my area have the chance to make a change. I would be willing to use social media and other platforms to ensure interaction with a range of young people.

I am kind, considerate, confident and passionate about making an impact on my local area and helping young people ensure they have a say on matters that affect them and their futures. I am confident that I have good listening skills and am good at interpreting a wide range of opinions. I have experience on my school council and being part of my local and regional youth forums.

I think I would make a good Welsh Youth Parliament member and would be willing to spend time and effort in order to help others and to help discuss important issues that young people face.  

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