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Casey-Jane Bishop

Casey-Jane Bishop

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I want to be a youth parliament member as I feel very strongly about the issues I have written above and I love where I live and If I can help my community in any way I will.

if i was selected to be part of the youth parliament i would get everyones views on anything i am discussing i would do surveys online i would visit schools and do some surveys with those who want a voice, and i would also arrange meet ups to discuss different things, i would work very hard to give everyone a voice with the platform i was given as i know how it feels to not have one.

I am a good listener, I’m very passionate about what i do, I’m also a Youth ambassador for Bullieout.

People should vote for me as i am very hardworking and i will not give up without a fight. I am very considerate and if I’m wrong i will say I’m wrong but if i know I’m right I’m very on point.

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