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Calen Jones

Calen Jones

Blaenau Gwent

Calen was a Member of the first Welsh Youth Parliament from 2018 to 2021.

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Calen was a Member of the first Welsh Youth Parliament from 2018 to 2021.

The following was his candidate statement for election to the first Welsh Youth Parliament:

My Key Issues are:

  • Greater awareness of Mental Health
  • Voting at 16
  • Development of Grassroots Sports

The Welsh Youth Parliament is a great example of democracy. It ensures that every person has the ability to create change and have their opinions heard, including the youth.

I want to be part of this parliament as I believe I can adhere to the requests and opinions of my constituents in Blaenau Gwent. I also believe strongly in the 3 key issues outlined as they are some of the most fundamental topics that need to be reviewed to create change for the better. To ensure every person in my constituency has their opinions heard. I will hold consultations as well as talking individuallly to people in schools to hear and listen to their opinions and their arguments on certain topic issues.

I have a certain relatability to young people in Blaenau Gwent and I understand what is needed to alleviate the stigma around politics and to create a community where opinions and ideas are respected. I am the head boy at Ebbw Fawr Secondary Phase and regularly take part in politics inside and outside of the school environment. I have the required skills needed to fulfill this position and my positive outlook can create positive change for Blaenau Gwent.

Terms of office

  1. 05/12/2018 - 05/03/2021

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