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Bowen Cole

Bowen Cole

Partner elected Member

YMCA Swansea

My key issues are:

  • Mental Health In Young People
  • Racism in Schools
  • More Youth Provisions

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Candidate Statement: The reason that I'm applying to be a part of Youth Parliament is because I believe I have what is needed to become a member. I believe that my determination, emotional maturity and maturity overall will be needed in Parliament. I'm never-ending with my great ideas and always understanding, and the drive to make other people proud of me ignites my determination. I pledge to do my all to be a loud and listenable voice for the young people and adolescents of Wales.

Due to the lack of young people in my area, it will be difficult to consult them. But I would let them know that they are represented by someone who had no voice exactly like them, someone who is the change they want to see. And they’ll know that their voices will be heard by using my own first-hand experiences for them to understand that we are no different on what we desire. And now that it is heard, I will do what is needed for them. I will take note of their ideas on what they believe is best for the youth, and with our ideas, Wales will become a better and safer country.


Terms of office

  1. 01/12/2021 -

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