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Angel Ezeadum

Angel Ezeadum

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Diolch, Llywydd. First of all, I personally would like to express my gratitude towards the Youth Parliament for being so inclusive throughout the duration of our term. As an ethnic minori...

Plenary | 24/02/2021

Well, I think it's been a general concern, but I think with the pandemic, it's become further emphasised and more of something to stress on. I think not just the pandemic, but what's goin...

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 07/07/2020

I definitely agree. I think, even talking to my peers, at first, we all had our woes and worries about going back to school, but as soon as we entered the school building or even before t...

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 07/07/2020


Children, Young People and Education Committee | 07/07/2020

I think, if you like—I'll answer that right now. I think, from a young person's point of view, we need information directly to us rather than us being cast aside or perhaps it being filte...

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 07/07/2020

I think there has been support, but I don't think there's been additional support in terms of specifically talking about that issue. I think it's more been something that has kind of been...

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 07/07/2020

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Detailed information: Angel Ezeadum


My name is Angel Ezeadum and I am 13 years old. I am a young black girl who is working her way from the bottom in   order to reach the top.  I would love to be supported by Race Council Cymru for the Welsh Youth Parliament because I believe that I could be the voice for Wales’ young black and ethnic minorities!

In terms of my experience, I work with Cardiff Youth Council which has allowed me to work with people from various backgrounds and different ages. In addition, I hold a very strong interest in politics and I’m enthusiastic about the current matters affecting our world.

I am an ambitious, confident, enthusiastic young person who adores making others smile! I strongly believe that becoming a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament is a wonderful, unique chance to meet new people, learn new things and improve our country in the best ways possible for the younger generation and our future.

If I was voted in, I would use online surveys and questionnaires to allow young people to give their feedback, and most importantly express their opinions. I will consult young people from all backgrounds through a variety of platforms and hold meetings in their communities to enable my peers to have their voices heard.

Whether they are privileged or underprivileged, male or female, 11 or 17, their lives are significant and shall be my focus.

Pick me to cater to all.

Pick me to give the voiceless a voice.

Pick me to represent you.

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