Speak Up Session

Speak Up Session

Looking to empower young minds and encourage meaningful discussions?

Our brand-new ‘Speak Up Session’ exploring our ongoing ‘My School Day’ consultation is the perfect tool for you.



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What's Inside

Fully Guided Session: The 'Speak Up Session' pack guides you step by step, ensuring smooth facilitation and effective engagement with the questions.

Engaging Focus Groups: Setting up young people to lead their own focus groups, share their ideas, and contribute to the ongoing Welsh Youth Parliament ‘My School Day’ consultation.

Nationwide Impact: Ideal for newly elected school councils, the Speak Up Session offers a unique chance to contribute to a nationwide conversation that directly affects you.

Flexibility and Inclusion: Whether in your school, youth club, or among friends, the Speak Up Session adapts to any setting. Seamlessly incorporate them into your lessons or club activities.

Insightful Video: Discover the inside scoop from a Welsh Youth Parliament Member who is on the Education and School Curriculum Committee. They'll share the impactful work they've been doing.

Ready to be a part of something bigger?

Download our ‘Speak Up Session’ and make your mark on matters that impact you, your friends, and your future.

By participating, you'll help shape a report that will be presented to the Welsh Government this November.