Your voice

Your voice

Tell U The Three Issues Of Importance that matter most to you!

Published 08/12/2021   |   Last Updated 04/01/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

The newly elected WYP Members need your help in order to decide on what issues to take on and are asking you to complete a very short (new) survey.

We had some excellent suggestions and issues for young people noted in the first survey, and thank you to everyone who took part. A range of issues was mentioned, from farming to mental health issues, LGBTQ+, refugees, democracy, opportunities to keep fit and do sports, to climate change and education.  Here’s the list of 22 issues that young people mentioned in the first survey:

  • affordable and safe ways to travel
  • a clean and safe community (graffiti, vandalism, stop drugs dealers, knife and gun crime, helping control offenders, recovery from addiction, littering, recycling)
  • being able to do sport and keep fit
  • being part of our community (improving local facilities, charity events, improving town centres, economic recovery)
  • bullying and peer pressure
  • countryside/farming
  • democracy and getting our voice heard (voting and making a change)
  • education and school curriculum
  • health and covid-19
  • housing and homelessness
  • identity and culture (cultural identity, cultural and ethnic diversity, preserving welsh culture, days of importance for example 'shwmae su'mae' day)
  • LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and more)
  • the climate and the environment
  • our mental health and wellbeing
  • poverty and disadvantage
  • protection from harassment, abuse and sexual assault
  • racism
  • refugees
  • rights and equalities
  • the economy and jobs for young people
  • the Welsh language
  • things to do and places to go (parks, gyms for young people, skating park, youth clubs, shops in the area, opportunities in the arts)


Have your say by completing our short survey.

You’ll be asked 3 questions: 1) where you live in Wales 2) your age 3) your top 3 issues from the 22 issues.

After you’ve had your say, your answers will then be shared with the new Welsh Youth Parliament Members who will vote on what issues the next WYP can take forward. Don’t worry, we won’t be able to recognize you from your answers as the survey doesn’t ask for your name, so you’ll be completely anonymous.

The survey can be found here:

Thank you – Diolch!